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Car fleet giant improves internal communications and contact center experience

The client started as a fuel car business now they’re a full supplier of fleet services with their telematics and insurance business. They started 28 years ago above a hairdressing salon, and now over a thousand people in nearly 20 countries globally and turnover of nearly 2 billion.

As the company has grown they’ve inherited a lot of different telephone systems at different offices and as such it was very much in their interest to install a new global system that would allow a common collaboration platform to be used across the business.

The solution developed by Mindstone in collaboration with Cisco helped improve their internal communications as well as improving their contact centre experience for their customers.

The systems that they use now are finesse, jabber, acuity reporting and calabria for alcohol recording. Finesse is that single window which integrates with all of their other systems. The calls are presented to the customer- It’s an auto answer which has helped them to improve their abandonment rate, that’s now down below 10% from 25%.

Their customer experience is much better now. Productivity and efficiency has really improved across the group and that’s had a positive impact on both their staff and their customers. They have the barge and whisperer function which enables the supervisor to be able to remotely log into an agent speaking to a customer, so they can help them with the coaching; maybe handle a situation where the advisor doesn’t know what the answer is.

After going through the RFP process, it became very clear that Cisco was the right recommendation for the project, because of the advantages it could offer both in terms of technological improvements across the business and also the overall customer experience. The client was very happy working with Cisco- using the performance reporting they’ve been able to manage people, to develop them to offer a better service to the customer, and their overall NPS scores have improved from 48 percent to 80 percent.

The client is now looking forward to extending the Cisco solution so they can have the full omni-channel experience with web and social integration. They now have plans to expand into new geographies, and now they have a system that can be easily built on.

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