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Consumer electronics giant’s new approach to retail

The client was a consumer electronics retailer that through their partnership with Mindstone, was able to blue the lines between physical and the digital shopping experiences. Mindstone helped the client roll out in-store pickup as a share of online sales, to the point where now, seven financial quarters into the process, 40% of their online revenue is picked up at a physical location.

Online sales now form a significant percentage of domestic revenue and this number continues to grow a quarter over quarter which is quickly becoming a strong indicator for the organization’s digital health. The consumer electronics retailer is going beyond just highlighting the in-store availability of products on both grid and product pages to drive their digital shoppers to physical locations, but is now leveraging digital tools to enhance the overall experience of shopping at a physical store. Mindstone also helped the client integrate a scanner into their mobile app that allows consumers to compare products side by side. 72% of active shoppers on their mobile app now walk into a store with items already in their mobile shopping cart.

Mindstone worked alongside the top-management to help accelerate and make digital innovation a priority, to the point where an omni-channel strategy goes beyond just driving a digital shopper to a physical store, but also leveraging digital tools to enhance the experience of shopping at a physical location, understand where customer frustrations are, and create digital solutions to these frustrations to minimize the friction of shopping both online and in-store.

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