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Energy company embraces cloud to disrupt the industry

Demand for energy is going to increase by 30% globally over the next 20 years, and that’s going to happen against probably the greatest challenge of our time- climate change. The client is an organization that is really committed to meeting those energy needs, but really leading our industry in reducing our carbon emissions. This can only be achieved through digital technologies.

The client’s digital transformation touches every aspect of what they do- It’s about building new capabilities, creating new business models, and doing amazing things with digital technology.

Mindstone helped them starts mall, moving small workloads to the Azure cloud, to experiment with public cloud offerings., and now they’re really extending their reach into Azure. They’ve now taken the decision to migrate all of their upstream workloads to Azure because they see and understand the benefits of having workloads integrated into a single environment, and it allows them to really transform their application landscape into a modern architecture. The full stack capability, end to end, that allows them to deploy an integrated capability that meets all of their needs- that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the market.

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