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Financial Services company driver customer loyalty with cloud based services

The client is a payment card organization that was looking to drive loyalty for their customers through new services. They had an application service that was sitting in a private infrastructure that they were spending a significant amount of both time and money to maintain. They were looking for a more cost-effective solution so they can repurpose assets as well as their resources to do higher value things for their clients.

Mindstone conducted a design workshop for them where we understood their business requirements. Subsequently, we designed a platform as-a-service from a disaster recovery perspective, where we deployed and tested it- followed by closely working with the management to monitor and maintain it. We conducted regular meetings to optimize the environment and give them visibility so they know what they’re consuming and how they can make better business decisions, in order to get the most value out of their service.

They’ve since achieved a better level of disaster recovery, lowered their risk by maintaining their client loyalty- with a much higher availability of service. They’ve also done that at a lower cost, freeing up resources to do other things, and focus on higher level business activities to grow the business and deliver new services. Now they’re looking to leverage this solution set even further.

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