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Financial services company embraces cloud transformation to innovate customer experience

The client is an organization that helps both individuals and businesses transfer money internationally, at a much better rate than any bank would ever provide. Moving money is not the object; people want to send money for a specific reason- whether it’s an overseas holiday, whether it’s buying that engagement ring that you just can’t get anywhere else. The client enables customers to move money really easily. The client started operations back in 1998 in Sydney, and back then the business was founded and started on innovation.

innovation continues to be the core of what they stand for as a business; which for them is very much about partnering with a company like Mindstone to really drive things like speed, security, new client experiences, and better online strategy.

Mindstone delivered an AWS solution that has given a faster load speed which improves their search rankings so that makes it easier for customers to find them. Their online sellers via Amazon now do virtual accounts, which didn’t even exist five years ago- so they can hold currencies in a virtual account. Technology keeps changing all the time,and our job working with them is to innovate those customer experiences.

Mindstone’s AWS solution helps enable experimentation and enable new product development. We’re empowering the business by enabling them to concentrate on what they’re good at doing. Our partnership is helping them solve business logics and not having to worry about how to execute and scale their services. They’re not limited by physical Hardware anymore; they have this ability to be able to scale up, and as they grow internationally, the Mindstone and AWS infrastructure can grow with them, and drives speed- translating into a better customer experience and faster service. It’s money moving more quickly with better records for tracking transactions. The client continues to innovate customer experience in the field of foreign exchange and Global Payments, as the world becomes increasingly more global.

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