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Indian cinema chain undergoes cloud transformation

The client was a small chain of Cinemas. and one of the key deliverables was to ensure that they use technology to bring value to their customers. In a typical week of running anywhere between occupancies of 30% to 45%, they might have a few thousand people online looking for tickets. During a flash they had flashes of demand- probably about eight to ten times the normal load; so they had this unique problem where they had limited inventory and a huge customer demand, and needed to figure out the easiest way of actually making sure that customer frustration is also addressed.

Mindstone has been the thought leader in terms of how they’ve approached cloud services, from the way in which they use AWS to work as a marketplace and scaling to big flash sales. The client is arguably the first cinema in the country to host their entire infrastructure in the cloud. There’s nothing in the cinema, except for the point of sales. All servers and all digital transactions are hosted on AWS, the implications of which are automatically huge.

Mindstone helps support the client’s vision to provide unrivaled entertainment to their customers -from how a customer thinks of them when they want to watch a movie, to their approach to traveling to the movie, experiencing the movie and buying food. Analytics is a really big piece of the puzzle- the client now runs customer analytics, and is currently working with Mindstone to create data lakes and a mobile analytics platforms, which are again based on AWS, and Vista, which is their cinema software- used not only for looking backwards in terms of what happened yesterday, last year, last month, but also rolling out an analytic solution using consumer patterns, transaction patterns from the cinema, digital patterns, and rolling out analytics that actually helps them look forward to what’s going happen ten minutes from now, two hours into the future, two days into the future. Their partnership with Mindstone is going to fundamentally change how they actually engage with their customers and deliver value to them in the times to come.

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