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Leading Telco empowers their enterprise customer service

Mindstone has helped one of the world’s largest telecom service providers empower their enterprise customer experience. Their enterprise customer experience was becoming a challenge, since legacy systems belonging to different generations do not interact with each other and connect with semi-automated multiple billing subsystems. Multiple feeds between billing subsystems and downstream applications like CRM and accounting complicated the processes resulting in delayed turnaround time, huge OPEX, inconsistent communication by disputes and delayed revenue realization.

A unified customer experience platform enabled modernization of legacy environment conglomerate- billing was completely automated, eliminating manual intervention, multiple bill formatting, presentment, and analytics applications for decommissioned and automated purchase order management.

Now, clam decommissioning of legacy systems can happen without impacting the customer experience. A unified platform connects to multiple legacy systems to create a single source of truth. This information is consolidated, computed and validated before enabling downstream applications with consistent feeds. This will empower all the stakeholders for IT operations.

It provides the operational agility of Swift processes- account managers are empowered to resolve disputes, provide customized reports, and manage enterprise hierarchies’ CRM.

Executives enjoy lower call handling time and faster dispute resolution. Marketing is happy to ensure consistent branding across multiple touchpoints. Finance receives payments on time and will have lower disputes with customers, and finally the end customers are in greater control- they can view and analyze consolidated bill information, split bill information and create customized views, drill down reports based on their organizational hierarchies and receive alerts and notifications on threshold limits. Customer experience platform enabled modernized legacy environment in record time of six months, insured potential savings of more than four million euros in the first year, and enabled decommissioning of nine legacy applications

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