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The Monents that Matter: A Connected Customer Experience

At Mindstone Interactive, we are laser focused on creating the best customer experiences on the planet. We recently conducted proprietary research to understand what makes customers love a brand. Our study identified key opportunities for brands to create stronger emotional connections with their customers.

We call these critical points of engagement- the moments that matter. This research led to development of our retail experience accelerator a Salesforce backed solution, purpose-built to delight your customers in the moments that matter most.


Our connected Experience Agency capabilities deliver comprehensive experiences from start to finish that yield real business results.

New Products & Services

We deconstruct complex problems, align organizational operations, resources, and infrastructure to support customer-centric initiatives, and design solutions from the lens of the customer- with a people first approach.

Marketing, Content & Engagement

We help clients create and implement successful marketing strategies, by helping them convert their target audience into customers, retain their current customer base, improve sales and revenue, and grow their business and brand.


Create Unique Customer Experiences

Business leaders know that what customers want, is changing, and changing in ways that we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago. But sometimes they don’t know what to do about it. Businesses are now saying that models that worked extremely well 20 years ago and worked well 10 years ago and were still okay five years ago, may not be viable at all anymore.

Seven years ago. nobody had a smartphone and now those devices are welded to us, and have become a part of our physical being. we’re also seeing the growth of the middle class in the BRIC countries (Brazil China India Russia). This has brought a whole new buyer class that businesses want to engage with, and last you got the Millennials. They’re characterized by being impatient, cynical, connected, and informed; and they’re hugely influential. And all this means that companies have to start moving at the speed of their customers and the speed of their ever-changing and evolving expectations. So what does it take to become a truly customer centric customer-focused company?

Businesses have to commend weaving the customer experience into every aspect of their organization- they have to use human centered design and customer focused operations. Companies that create an innovative customer experience, that anticipate the needs of customers- those are the companies that will succeed.

The most common lament we hear from our clients is- I don’t know what my customers want, which is a little weird because we’re all customers all the time. And maybe the most useful thing we do as we help our clients, is to make them remember what it’s like to be a customer- to remember their own experiences, and to see the experiences of their customers with insight, and with empathy. Our combination of advanced analytics on the one hand, and human centered design techniques on the other can help an organization draw meaningful and actionable insights that create customer experience innovation that will delight your customers and improve the bottom line. That’s getting the extraordinary done.


The Digital Customer Experience

User demands are evolving. The maturing landscape of digital services has opened a new world of customer experience opportunities for interactions that are innovative and understandable- a customer experience tailored to their needs; a Solution that put users in control; an experience that adapts over time, and a focus on making their involvement simple and pleasant.

An awesome customer experience is an achievable thing. It’s the way someone feels about the interactions they have. And it happens when we provide satisfaction through a vision. By taking time to find out what users need and want. Identifying potential problems an preventing them. Defining the journey of user experiences. Designing your actions that feel simple and enjoyable. And by listening to feedback from users and then acting on it. Creating experience doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It requires diverse skills working toward a unified goal. People who are passionate about what they do. When the experience is awesome, users don’t just need to use your solution, they want to.


Don't Follow Digital Trends. Start them.

At Mindstone Interactive, believe that the customer experience is everything. The customer is driving this expectation of demanding the best customer experience. And if you’re not providing that customer experience, they are changing brands, and going with someone else. We’re seeing clients come to us and say, how do I create a better experience? Here’s how.

Digital transformation is everywhere. Most businesses are in the middle of a transformation right now. We see a new model transforming, which is how you bring creativity, technology and consulting together- which is also the art of bringing the CMO and the CIO together in the organization. And if you can bring technology, and creatives together, you can actually design and deliver on a great customer experience.

Get in touch with us to learn more about this new Mindstone model of focusing on creative while at the same time also being able to deliver on.




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December 20, 2019


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