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Digital is rapidly changing how companies operate, adopt tech and manage risk. Organizations must have the right leadership and digital tools to seize and analyze meaningful data that optimizes process and operations, enables enterprise innovation, and unlocks new value in a disruptive world.

We help our clients reimagine, restructure and renew business functions to create agile and resilient organizations that can continuously innovate and serve internal and external customers more effectively.


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In over 15 cities around the world, Mindstone teams have autonomy to move fast and do what’s right for our clients, making us more personal and nimble than traditional consulting firms. We care deeply about helping you tackle your biggest challenges and turn your vision into reality.

With Mindstone, it’s never just about the project at hand. It’s about building trust and enabling your long-term success. We meet you where you are, embed our people with yours, and share our skills every step of the way.

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Networked Capabilities

CFO & Enterprise Value

Broaden Financial Capabilities and impact across the enterprise.

Marketing, Sales & Servives

Enable seamless, intuitive and personalized customer experiences.

Supply Chain & Operations.

Digitally reinvent and optimize supply chain and operations across a range of industries in new and existing markets.

Technology Strategy & Advisory

Drive business advantage with innovation-led strategy and game-changing technologies.


Indian PSU: Ready for Digital Disruption?

As digital savvy new companies push into their traditional turf, they need to be more agile. PSU’s are investing in technology and digital innovation like other companies to become agile, but gaining agility goes beyond systems. It requires a deep shift in leadership culture and organization. Mindstone Strategy Research has identified the top 10 attributes that coordinate to successful culture change. Many companies including PSU rank at the bottom quartile for half of those attributes- including talent management, adaptability and confronting conflict.

PSUs need to make these changes rapidly to be competitive and relevant. Digital offends the idea that leadership is practiced only at the top levels. Leaders who advance through the ranks of an organization based largely on seniority worked well in an environment that was stable and corrective. Today, leaders need to build cross organization industry connections that lead to new sources of innovation. They need to influence all levels of the organization and open their organizations to ideas. They need to flatten hierarchies, cut out the layers and processes that impede agility, and to experiment quickly and arrive at success recipes faster. Leaders and managers in the digital world have to be more accessible, more resilient, and more transparent.

Read the full report to learn more about our research on the Indian PSU landscape in the post-digital era.



Do what is right.

We got our start doing things differently. Instead of a grueling, up-or-out career, we offered balance and sanity. The opportunity to love both your work and your life. To prioritize family and work on high-impact projects with companies in your community.

Invest in people. Invest in communities. Invest in our clients’ success. That was the idea. And today, Our clients include some of the biggest corporations in world—along with startups, not-for-profits, and innovative organizations of all kinds.



Painting the Digital Future for Consumer Goods Companies

In the retail industry more change will occur over the next 10 years than has occurred over the past 100. Mindstone recently produced a look ahead for the industry in association with the World Economic Forum, to help paint a picture of the future of retail. Retailers have to understand and connect with the new empowered consumer- mostly using digital means. Globally, consumers now have access to more than 1 billion products. Now, consumers are weighing not only cost and choice and convenience, they’re also expecting controls and outcomes from their experiences.

A customer first mentality crystallizes when retailers employ digital technologies necessary to stay on top of ever-changing consumer preferences. Additionally, they have to adopt game-changing technologies. Technology brings benefits throughout the value chain- from manufacturing to sales; to even after consumers bring the product home. Technology can provide great competitive advantage.

The next thing retail companies need to do is move quickly to transform both their offline and online business models. Stores are already moving from serving in distribution centers to platforms where consumers might discover new products, engage in new experiences and interact with technology.

In conjunction with these things, retailers will need a dynamic ecosystem of partners to help them with everything-from data science to delivery of orders, in order to provide the best possible retail experience to customers.

Learn more about the future of the retail landscape in the post digital era. Contact us to learn about how Mindstone can help you develop resilience and navigate change.

Strategy Insights

Posted by Mindstone
December 20, 2019

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