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Data on Cloud Solution

Are you still thinking about making a start in your journey to the cloud? Odds are you’re arriving last!

Most large businesses are already moving their infrastructures, applications and platforms to the cloud. But, what about data, which is at the front and center of companies driving digital transformation. With data exploding in volume and variety, businesses are bracing up for a massive 44 zettabytes of data by 2020. Add to this, data warehouse implementations that are stretching to more than a year and a majority of data that is unstructured and complex. Clearly, companies cannot not think Data on Cloud.

The Mindstone Data on Cloud Offering fits data-on-cloud frameworks to position your business for greater speed, agility and scale, while helping generate real-time analytics & insights. Our offering helps you modernize, extend or design new data supply chains—with the power of cloud.

It uses applied learning-based intelligent data discovery and classification, so you can identify the right data to move and it place on the cloud. With our Cloud platform agnostic transition methodology, you can accelerate the transition from on-premise to cloud or design new data lakes. Our Data on Cloud Operations Framework delivers enhanced data trust and quality, and optimized cloud operations.

Lead the Data-on-Cloud journey with Mindstone’s Cloud and Data experts, differentiated assets and alliances with top cloud platform an cloud-first data vendors. With data, the journey to cloud is more about “how” than “why.” So stop thinking and kickstart your Data-on-Cloud journey with Mindstone—from strategy to operations, with scale and agility.


Personal connection
at global scale.

In over 15 cities around the world, Mindstone teams have autonomy to move fast and do what’s right for our clients, making us more personal and nimble than traditional consulting firms. We care deeply about helping you tackle your biggest challenges and turn your vision into reality.

With Mindstone, it’s never just about the project at hand. It’s about building trust and enabling your long-term success. We meet you where you are, embed our people with yours, and share our skills every step of the way.

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DARQ Matter: New Emerging Technologies

Imagine a movie audience fully immersed in the on-screen action through virtual reality. Human-like, artificial intelligence characters will respond, anticipate, react to each of the audience’s choices. Meanwhile, distributed ledger technology will make payment and access transactions seamlessly.

This may seem far off, but companies are already setting their sights beyond their current digital transformation. Future-minded leaders know that mastering the next set of technologies will give them every advantage. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) Artificial intelligence (AI) extended Reality (XR) Quantum computing (Q) New technologies can spark a step change.

Is your business ready for what’s next?

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Mindstone can help you leverage the power of DARQ technologies to redefine what’s possible for your business.



Do what is right.

We got our start doing things differently. Instead of a grueling, up-or-out career, we offered balance and sanity. The opportunity to love both your work and your life. To prioritize family and work on high-impact projects with companies in your community.

Invest in people. Invest in communities. Invest in our clients’ success. That was the idea. And today, Our clients include some of the biggest corporations in world—along with startups, not-for-profits, and innovative organizations of all kinds.



Defining the Autonomous Organization

What if you could free up the work that your data professionals are doing in terms of patching and maintaining and working with the mundane tasks that most of the database administration administrators do.

We’ve been working with Oracle so we can leverage their autonomous offerings. There’s an explosion that’s happening out in the market today; in that explosion is data more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data- being generated every single day. Now it’s a combination of enterprise and consumer data, but as we mash this together, leading enterprises who are making use of this are able to now create customized offers that are personalized and individualized to their customers. Different businesses and companies that are doing it successfully are leveraging technologies like Oracle’s autonomous database and data warehouse. Mindstone is helping these companies move to these technologies so their data professionals can focus on unlocking the hidden gems within that data, to then go focus and bring that data to life and create new revenues new profits and new markets.

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