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The Future of Operations

Today’s business leaders face many critical questions about how to optimize their company’s operations in the face of an increasingly complex global marketplace. At Mindstone, a third of our clients engage us for help on these and other operations issues. We have discretely partnered in the transformation of some of the world’s leading global companies and institutions. Our unique capabilities help clients achieve impact faster. From self-help online tools, to on-site training facilities, to senior experts on the shop floor- we have our own manufacturing partners and tech labs and tear down labs to enable rapid prototyping of new approaches, products, and skill building techniques. As one of the largest global operations consultancy firms, we deliver targeted, specialized resources to our clients 24 hours a day and in every corner of the globe. Few firms can bridge the gap between strategy and operations like we do.

Mindstone clients benefit from the full strength of our global outreach, which means access to the best thinking of our collective organization on the forces shaping the future of business.


Our connected Experience Agency capabilities deliver comprehensive experiences from start to finish that yield real business results.

Accounts & Finance

CFOs and finance executives face increasing expectations to help drive profitable growth and align with corporate strategy, all the while keeping a firm hand on reporting and operations. We can help elevate their role through innovative strategies, planning and tactical execution.

Sales & Customer Operations

Innovation, transformation and leadership occur in many ways. At Mindstone, our ability to help solve clients’ most complex issues is distinct. We deliver strategy and implementation, from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete.

Supply Chain Management

Talent and technology are a potent combination. At Mindstone, we apply market leading analytics and platforms, powered with intelligent technologies, including AI, advanced analytics, and distributed ledger technology, to help clients optimize performance.

Sourcing & Procurement

We work with clients to design intelligent, digital source-to-pay solutions powered by our Redeure engine. Clients achieve outcomes through an orchestration of human + machine talent, coupled with the infusion of insights & intelligence from data.


The Project Data Dilema

Organizations dream of a place where analytics, AI and emerging technologies work together to accelerate and improve procurement outcomes. Data is the fuel for these intelligent decisions. Organizations have stored up plenty of their own, and they believe it’s enough for the journey ahead. As it turns out, big data can be much smaller than you think. You see, you may have gallons of data in the tank, but by the time you distill it down with a specific goal in mind, only a drop is likely to be relevant. So don’t look at your data and say how far can it take me; start with your destination in mind and work out what you should gather to get there.

To navigate this data dilemma, identify what relevant data you have- whether it’s enough to reach a solution, and what you should add from external sources. Once you’ve got the right data blend, reasoning engines can help steer your business with the power of artificial intelligence following vital coordinates delivered by data that are aligned to your business strategy. Our data scientists and category experts access aggregated and anonymized intelligence to provide process support and help you refine the right fuel for thought insuring that from here on out it’s plain sailing


Operate to Innovate: The Future of IT Operations

Yesterday’s cutting-edge solutions have become today’s technical dead driving organizations towards digital transformation. However, even state-of-the-art technology can be ineffective when built on a foundation of legacy IT processes. Activities like labor arbitrage, shared services and infrastructure hosting are the solutions of yesterday. It’s time to reinvent how IT delivers value to the business; it’s time for an IT services revolution. There is a convergence of exponential shifts happening in IT delivery across people, processes and technology. Leading organizations are evolving their resources into teams capable of producing not only core but also differentiated value. The shift to fast flow IT leveraging methodologies such as DevOps and agile is sparking a culture of creativity and continuous innovation.

Mindstone is here to guide you through revolutionising your IT operations and navigating the unknown. Taking a strategy first approach, we help companies navigate holistic digital transformations. Mindstone collaborates with you to optimize and modernize your IT operating model and workforce by streamlining and standardizing your processes to enable multi speed IT- all while leveraging an extensive library of Mindstone accelerators designed to help you innovate. Now IT is no longer just a cost center but rather a strategic business partner evolving from trusted operator to business co-creator. Mindstone is by your side to help you enable the realization of your digital transformation journey. Join Us


Industry 4.0: Exploring the World of Connected Enterprises

History class taught us about the Industrial Revolution- when steam power changed how things were manufactured. But there hasn’t been just one Industrial Revolution. The manufacturing industry has reinvented itself many times. The first Industrial Revolution is the familiar one. Beginning in the late 18th century, manufacturers use steam engines and hydraulic power and factories to make production more efficient. The second revolution began in the late 19th century when electricity and assembly lines made mass production possible. The third took off in the 60s when advances in computing enabled us to programme machines and networks. Today, we’re at the beginning of a fourth Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 is about connecting the digital and physical worlds. Today, most manufacturers’ key assets are a part of the physical world.

The workers machines tools and inventories that drive both the production process and the end product that customers use every day. But emerging technologies allow manufacturers to use data produced by these physical assets to drive insights. Based on data, these technologies will enable the construction of new solutions to some of the oldest and toughest challenges manufacturers face, and growing and operating their businesses, eliminating unplanned downtime in the factory, ensuring you never start work on the production floor that can’t be finished with the material labor- the changes for the industry as a whole will be even broader. As broad as we’ve seen in past revolutions. Industry 4.0 will change the basis of competition, alter how manufacturers win customers, shake up the structure of the manufacturing industry, and give you the opportunity to make history.

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