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Mindstone Strategy

The Decade to Deliver: A call to Business Action

Every company strives for growth. It’s becoming more and more challenging across industries to keep the core business humming on one side, while stoking the engines of future growth on the other. New sources of innovation and growth are expensive; the most accessible source of funding takes out bad costs and optimizes good costs. The problem costs pre-pack over time to break that cycle.

The good news? Your opportunity to drive competitive advantage has never been greater.

We bring together leaders in strategy, industry experts, enterprise function practitioners, business intelligence professionals, designers, data scientists, and many other specialized skills to we deliver scalable solutions that outpace the speed of disruption.

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To navigate the future with confidence, organizations need to make the right choices: clear, timely and inspirational choices that deliver growth in a dynamic, disrupted world. We bring deep market insights and well honed analytical expertise to each engagement.

Mindstone Strategy

In an increasingly uncertain and changing environment, we help clients create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption. We bring deep market insights and well-honed analytical expertise to each engagement.

Industry Consulting

We help clients lead in their industry, capitalize on industry convergence, and foster cross-industry connections to improve performance and explore new growth opportunities. We help clients in 35 different industries across their organizations and cross-industry ecosystems.

Enterprise Function

We focus on catalysing enterprise transformation and shaping strategic capabilities. We help our clients reimagine, restructure and renew business functions to create agile and resilient organizations that can continuously innovate and serve internal and external customers more effectively.

Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence has the roadmap to maximize existing investments and extend new technologies across your business. With deep AI experts and data scientists, plus the flexibility to work with almost any technology partner, we can help you evaluate, maximize and scale opportunities as they arise.


Building The Intelligent Enterprise

Operating in a world with rapidly emerging technology trends and digital disruptions is the new normal for ALL industries. But what type of business is succeeding by staying in tune with the challenges and opportunities of today’s digitally disruptive markets? What type of business is not only surviving but thriving?

It’s the Intelligent Enterprise. Mindstone can help you build an Intelligent Enterprise with Amorph™ – our digital solutions and delivery platform. It strikes the right chord by bringing together ALL the best of Mindstone’s thought leadership, capabilities and solutions, working in harmony to address your business challenges and amplify your business outcomes.

Amorph™ taps into the power of major software platforms and technologies to help you transform to an Intelligent Enterprise. These building blocks are essential to your digital transformation.

By unleashing innovation, agility, and identifying trapped sources of economic value using Mindstone’s proven playlist of accelerators and pre-built industry and functional solutions, Amorph™ will deliver your transformation faster, by helping you make the right strategic decisions, so value and benefits can be realized quickly.  Stop playing the same old tune. Start your Intelligent Enterprise and digital transformation now with Mindstone and Amorph™.


Operating model for the digital age

Artificial intelligence is poised to bring profound changes to how work is structured, and who — or what — performs it. In fact, 78% of business and IT executives think AI will disrupt their industry in the next three years. And 4 out of 5 think that today’s IT workforce has the skills to meet future needs.

But with AI skills in scarce supply, that may be wishful thinking. 79% are confident they can secure the skills needed for the future IT workforce. Yet 88% say that even today it’s difficult to source new IT talent. AI’s unparalleled impact on jobs, processes and business models means new strategies will be needed to match the right kind of work with the right talent at the right scale. IT leaders will need to Reimagine the IT organization and ways of working; Scale up new skilling, and be creative in building talent ecosystems. Get in touch with us to learn more about how Mindstone can help you get you future IT workforce ready for relentless change.


Unleashing the Full Potential of your Workforce

How can your organization attract this year’s best and brightest college graduates? Our 2019 Indian college graduate employment study points the way. Today’s grads are passionate, committed and expect to work hard but are wary of large organizations. They’re looking for a ‘me’ experience that’s hyper personalized, offers an open and engaging culture and includes interesting and meaningful work.

A gig experience could give grads the stability & long term commitment they’re looking for.

That means offering the benefits of full-time employment while moving employees from gig to gig internally, taking a project-based perspective with more frequent job rotation, on-the-job learning, coaching, and real-time feedback along with multiple career paths.

Learn more– including six key steps to delivering an internal gig experience with our full report- The gig experience- unleashing the potential of your talent and your business.

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