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Driving Growth through Technology Innovation

Research reveals that only 39% of business leaders want to be a digital leader in their industry. But in an era when speed matters, is wait and see the right strategy; or an increasingly risky one? If agility drives growth, innovation is the driving force to achieve it; and the CIO’s visibility across the business- from R&D to marketing, operations, sales and distribution uniquely positions them to be true champions of innovation.

Innovative CIOs share three characteristics:

  • Be relentlessly innovative: build a distinctive innovation service and learn by doing to earn the right to innovate at the enterprise level, and increase agility.
  • By simplifying your IT architecture, operating model and work process, and
  • Lead by example with innovation to become a digital transformation leader and market your successes both within and outside of the organization.

Learn more about how CIOs can move from being implementers to innovators with our full report ‘driving business innovation through technology: CIOs critical role as digital innovators’.


For most businesses today, technology is central to enabling strategy and execution excellence. Mindstone’s Technology Strategy & Architecture (TS&A) practice advises CIO’s and other CXO’s in developing and executing technology strategies that drive exceptional business value.

Cloud Transformation

In an increasingly uncertain and changing environment, we help clients create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption. We bring deep market insights and well-honed analytical expertise to each engagement.

Technology Consulting

We help clients lead in their industry, capitalize on industry convergence, and foster cross-industry connections to improve performance and explore new growth opportunities. We help clients in 35 different industries across their organizations and cross-industry ecosystems.


Making IT Work: Developing the Future IT Workforce

Artificial intelligence is poised to bring profound changes to how work is structured, and who — or what — performs it. In fact, 78% of business and IT executives think AI will disrupt their industry in the next three years. And 4 out of 5 think that today’s IT workforce has the skills to meet future needs.

But with AI skills in scarce supply, that may be wishful thinking. 79% are confident they can secure the skills needed for the future IT workforce. Yet 88% say that even today it’s difficult to source new IT talent.

AI’s unparalleled impact on jobs, processes and business models means new strategies will be needed to match the right kind of work with the right talent at the right scale.

IT leaders will need to: Redefine the IT organization and ways of working, scale up new skilling, and be creative in building talent ecosystems. Learn more about how to get the future IT workforce ready for relentless change with our full report- ‘Making IT Work: Developing the Future IT Workforce’.


Mindstone Vision 2020

The post digital era will be a world for tailors itself. To fit every moment, businesses will influence individual realities with hyper personalization and on-demand services. Mindstone CEO Moksh Sharma talks about the Mindstone technology vision for 2020- “what’s happening is the basics of digital and there’s a new set of rules that define successful. With post digital, how we experience the world is set to change. We’re now starting to realize that the big picture is us fundamentally as companies taking a huge role in shaping the reality and how people act and interact at the wall. We’re looking at the following key trends that Mindstone believes will tailor our experiences:

DARQ power: understanding the DNA of Darq. Future minded leaders know that mastering the next set of technologies will give them every advantage; Darq is that next set- distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality, quantum computing. We believe we’re now moving into a Darq world where these technologies are going to shape a lot of your differentiation- critically important to you as you think about how you architecture solutions.

Post digital companies are already playing a different game. Is your business ready for what’s next


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We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators.

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